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“When’s The Best Time to Launch My Business Book?”

This is a question we often get from authors.

It’s a good question and it’s an understandable one.

I mean, you’re putting everything you have into your book launch (or re-launch).

It’s your name, brand, and business on the line.

And naturally you want to stack the cards in your favor. You want to make sure that it’s a hit, that lots of people buy your book. That they enjoy it and find it useful.

So, in today’s article we’re going to cover:

  • The 3 best “windows” for launching your non-fiction book…
  • The optimal time to launch your fiction book…
  • One simple trick to help you avoid competing against a “big fish”…

#1 The Two Best “Windows” for Launching Your Non-Fiction Book

When it comes to promoting your non-fiction book, the simple rule to remember is that the best time to promote your book is when the business world is in full swing.

So, in essence:

  • Avoid summertime when possible.
  • Avoid the major U.S. holidays (late November through end of year) when possible.

During the summer, sales of non-fiction books slip… big time.

People are on vacation, they’re relaxing, they’re taking a well-deserved break, they’re spending time outdoors with their family and friends….

They’re not as focused on how they can improve their business, brain and body.

Beginning in the 2nd half of November, most people then focus into holiday mode.

They’re traveling, focused on buying gifts, taking time off work.

The majority of businesses slow down while the stores and airports fill up.

So, with that rule in place. When you should you launch your non-fiction book?

Window 1: The Fall, September 1st – November 10th

People are back from vacation, they’re relaxed, ready for growth and focused fully on themselves and their businesses…

Not to mention, many people feel “guilty” coming out of a slow couple of months.

Whether that’s because they ate and drank too much and want to improve their body… or they feel they’ve not been working hard enough… it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is people flood to non-fiction books.

This window of opportunity stays all the way open until we approach Christmas, so if you’re looking to launch soon, get focused on Q4.

Window 2: The New Year, January 1st – March 31st

The New Year is the non-fiction authors dream.

Everyone is excited about resolutions, planning their year, and big growth.

So naturally they flood to non-fiction books to help them.

Throw in the fact that over Christmas, literally tens of thousands of new buyers come onto the market with e-reader devices… gift cards… and Christmas money to spend… and you have the very best of markets (passionate with money to spend).

But what about fiction authors? Well…

The Optimal Time To Launch Your Fiction Book


A case could be made for “any time” for fiction authors, but in the summer, people are looking for relaxation. A book they can read and enjoy as they lounge around. A book they don’t need to “think” about too much.

If I were coming out with a fictional book, I’d try to launch it just before summer so that it was hot and fresh in the bestseller charts for the summer, where a lot of sales happen.

One Simple Trick to Avoid Competing Against a “Big Fish”

No matter when you launch your book, you want to (if possible) avoid going up against a “big fish” in your category.

If you’re trying to compete with Tim Ferriss or Ramit Sethi’s new book, chances are you’re going to get drowned out… especially if you’re a first time author.

This simple trick will help you plan a little better…


That’s right, you’re going to investigate the “pre-launch” list on Amazon.

You can see authors who have put their book up for pre-sale, and if you look around and see a big name author, simply move your book launch forward or backwards a few days.

All you’re doing here is giving yourself a little “protection.”

Now, it is always better to put your book out there sooner rather than later while not sacrificing the quality. Your book can be the most powerful tool in your business… if you do it right.

That’s why we suggest launching it in a big way, then turning your book into an ongoing cash machine.

So, the only question is, how are you going to leverage your book to fuel your business?

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