The Epic Guide to Book Marketing

81 Tried and True Book Marketing Ideas for Every Stage of the

Self-Publishing Process.

The biggest fear many aspiring authors face is the idea that no one will read their work.

They’re afraid that they’ll put forth an incredible effort and create something that has the power to change someone’s life, but it’ll never have the chance to do well

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

epic guide to book marketing

This guide is for you if you:

  • Are currently writing a book and need to figure out how to sell it
  • Have always wanted to be a best-selling author
  • Would love to use a book to help you build your business and land speaking engagements
  • Have already written and launched a book but are not sure what to do next

Every author is different, and everyone is on a different stage of the journey.

The guide is created to give you the exact information you need, based on what stage of the journey you are in.

Get this entire post as a PDF. 
By downloading this guide you’ll have the chance to go through it at your own pace.

How to Use This Guide

To get the most out of this guide you need to focus on your current book launch stage and only move forward once you have implemented the ideas in that stage.

This is a different approach compared to the hundreds of marketing idea lists out there, but we focus on getting results above everything else. The point of this guide is not to give you more ideas to consider but rather to make it easier for you to take action and gain the results you are looking for.

Let’s start your epic journey…