Chapter 6: Post-Launch

Turn Your New Book Into Unlimited Opportunities.


Use your book to create unlimited opportunities.

Just because your book has been published and your launch period is over doesn’t mean that your marketing work is done. Writing a book is an excellent tool to create other opportunities, your job is to find those opportunities and explore the ones that make the most sense for you.

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1. Create Ongoing Series

Now that your book is live it may be a smart idea to turn its content and concept into a podcast or video series. The content you create will serve to expand on your original ideas, create new connections, and introduce new readers to the book itself.

2. Launch a Mastermind Group

Taking your community and finding a way to create the most value for them is an important part of the process. After all, they are the ones who have supported you through this entire process. Try turning your facebook group, email list, and other communities into a mastermind group. A place where community members can go to learn from each other, keep each other accountable, and get direct support from you.

3. Engage Your Community

Try introducing your community to the work of other authors, speakers, and influencers by hosting interviews specifically for the community. Doing this will deepen your relationships with other professionals in your space while simultaneously encouraging your community to continue learning and growing.

4. Share Lessons Learned

Now that you’ve gone through the process of writing, publishing, and launching a book it’s time to use that experience and share it with others. Being interviewed about the process and the mistakes you made during it is a great way to get that knowledge out there and shine a light on your brand.

5. Create a Book Club

Since you are an author your readers will naturally trust your recommendations for books. One way to leverage this trust while supporting other authors is to simply start your own digital “book club” and start recommending books you personally like.

6. Join the Speaking Circuit

This takes a bit of effort but having a book published means being seen as an “expert” by many. Use that expertise to get on stage and share your ideas. Doing so could lead to an additional revenue stream as well as more exposure for the book.

Get this entire post as a PDF. 
By downloading this guide you’ll have the chance to go through it at your own pace.

7. Host a Twitter Chat

There are no end to the weekly chats that are happening on Twitter. So why shouldn’t your topic be one of them? Choose a unique hashtag and start inviting people to talk about a specific idea each week. This will help engage your readers while inviting new people to join the community.

8. Only Write Guest Posts

Now that you have launched the book it’s a good idea to switch your focus back to building your audience and growing your connections. Guest posting is still a remarkably efficient way of doing so while allowing you to drive those readers back to your email list.

9. Keep Evolving the Message

Create new content, share new ideas, contradict yourself. Your book and the ideas around it should never stop evolving. This means that the conversations you have with your community should never stop.

10. Share Unreleased Content

There is nothing more engaging to a fan than getting a chance to see the things that you didn’t want the world to see. Consider releasing old drafts, crumpled notes, and all of the random ideas that came out of the process of writing your book. Doing so may turn a fan into a superfan.

11. Create Author’s Notes

Your ideas will never stop evolving. Having an author’s notes section or column online is a great way to revisit your old thoughts and add new commentary to the material.

12. Host Q&A Sessions

Once you’ve launched your book and attracted readers there will no doubt be a slew of questions about how to apply this information to real life. Hosting Q&A sessions will allow you to address these questions directly

13. Say “Thank You”

You did not get to this point alone. Throughout the entire process you’ve had a community of people doing everything they can to support you and help you move forward. Don’t forget to thank them for their support.

“Quick Win” Action Items:

  1. ✔ Leverage your book to create more opportunities
  2. ✔ Build a bigger audience and authority
  3. ✔ Decide on your next move

This stage of your process has been all about maximizing the long-term benefits of writing a book. Becoming an author isn’t the end of the journey, in fact, it can often be the very beginning. Your job is to find the new paths that have opened up for you and do the best you can to take advantage of them.

Get this entire post as a PDF. 
By downloading this guide you’ll have the chance to go through it at your own pace.