This is the quote that eventually changed my life…

Being an engineer and investor in the first years of my career, I knew I wasn’t the best writer.

But I thought, if I could become a “best seller”, then all of the opportunities I was looking for would open up for me.

You see, the first part of my online career as an entrepreneur, I struggled (to say the least). I failed a lot… But I was ready for more.

  • More leads
  • More credibility
  • More partnerships
  • More emails
  • More media
  • More sales
  • More fun!

So I went on a mission to learn how to effectively launch my book to be a #1 best seller.

I looked for a detailed step by step system to follow so that I could assure myself of making my book a success.

The bad thing is: It wasn’t out there.

A lot of people wanted to charge me a lot of money, but none would guarantee my success. They were all saying the same things and using the same strategies and “hacks”…

But their results weren’t what I was going for.

So, knowing that I had to do it right the first time, I went to work to create my own system and strategy.

I talked to dozens of bestselling authors, from New York Times to self-published authors, picking their brain on what worked, what didn’t and what they’d recommend that I’d do.

At the time, I had a struggling online business (that was effectively losing money even though I was putting in a ton of work!), and a tiny email list of 400 people.

I knew I had to be creative and super-strategic with the launch. And so I was…

My team and I (my buddy Joe, and assistant Sugar) went on to put thousands of hours of work to take my non-existent platform and audience and get ready to make a splash.

We led up to the launch of Make Money, Live Wealthy, and…

Boom! The book took off.

In the first 36 hours alone we had moved over 30,000 copies of my book! It worked!

We went “viral” and my life has never been the same.

The leads, the media features, the sales, partnerships and more all came flooding in.

The book ignited some crazy momentum, and we haven’t looked back. I went on to take my struggling online hobby/business and have it explode! (You can get the case study below)

I started to share some of my results as my book flew up the charts, and the questions from authors started flooding in.

How’d we do it? How’d we monetize on the back-end? How did we get the media features? Etc.

And with that, Epic Launch was born to help answer all of these questions and guide people to have the same results I have through our done-for-you service, training programs, and masterminds.

Fast forward to today and we’ve worked with New York Times best selling authors, 7 and even 8-figure entrepreneurs, and have moved nearly 2 million books all throughout the world, but our roots are in helping self-published authors really build a thriving brand and business as an author-entrepreneur.

And we’re here to help you do the same.

You can see a simple book marketing checklist here.

Or if you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely need to read the case study that breaks down what you can do to really monetize in a big way as an author.

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To your success,


Austin G. Netzley
Founder & CEO, Epic Launch