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Proper positioning gives you the power to stand out from the crowd, establish authority and attract your ideal clients.



Let us handle the complexities and intricacies, from A-Z we’ll handle it all. You’ll be left with a NYT quality book you’re proud to show off.



Flawlessly executed book marketing campaigns that dominate your competition and explode your reach, readership, influence and income.



An Epic Book Launch opens the floodgates of opportunity, we show you how to leverage your momentum into 6-figures of business.


Meet The Leadership Team

Your book deserves the best.

When you choose Epic Launch, you’re not joining a faceless agency. Instead, you’re partnering with a passionate team of experienced marketers who are deeply dedicated to your book’s success and your business’s growth.

Austin Netzley

Austin Netzley

CEO & Founder, Epic Launch

Austin Netzley is an athlete and engineer turned investor, author and entrepreneur. Following the success of his own book in 2014 from a very small platform, Austin got hundreds of questions how to launch a bestseller and monetize it in a big way. At that point, Epic Launch was born.

Pete Arnott

Pete Arnott

CMO, Epic Launch

From sleeping on his friend’s floor (or the couch when he was lucky), to building and selling his first business at age 26, Pete learned how to become a marketer via the school of hardknocks. Now at Epic Launch, He loves that every single day he gets to help authors expand their reach, income and readership.

Brandon Virgallito

Brandon Virgallito

COO, Epic Launch

After running operations in engineering firms, Brandon decided it was time to quit corporate and take his skills online. Brandon joined Epic Launch to turn marketing campaigns into sleek processes and systems that run flawlessly. Best of all, Brandon gets to spend more time with his wife and his new-born daughter!

Inside An Epic Book Launch

Let Our Team Publish, Promote & Position Your Book


Traffic & Advertising Experts

Sales Copywriter & Marketer

Sales Copywriter & Marketer

Private Client Manager

Private Client Manager

Graphic Design Team

Graphic Design Team

Web Design Team & Technician

Web Design Team & Technician

Funnel Architect

Funnel Architect


What Authors Are Saying

“If it were not for Epic Launch, I think I would still be an aspiring, unpublished author… Most importantly they knew how to position the launch and my book so that it hit #1 bestseller in over 20 categories and internationally on”


Kevin Ward

‘The Book of YES!’

“Epic Launch guys are the real deal! I was able to go to being an unknown course creator to becoming an international bestselling author… Instantly establishing myself as a leading expert in my field and adding 9000 new leads to my business.”


Bozi Dar


“I’ve made over $20,000 and it hasn’t even been a month yet. Even if you have no influence, no previous experience… this will solidify a massive income along with big influence. I’d strongly recommend taking action, NOW.”


Peter Voogd

‘6 Months to 6 Figures’

“They flawlessly executed every step, with the results that my book How to Change a Law skyrocketed to the top of the of the non-fiction charts on Amazon. From start to finish this was all done in less than 30 days.”


John Thibault

‘How to Change a Law’